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Perks of Opting for a Family Dentist!

Oral hygiene is an essential part of yours and your family’s health and well-being. Seldom do we give it the importance it deserves. But taking care of your family’s oral hygiene can, in reality, protect you from multiple diseases. It is thus important to consult a Family Dentist in Key West, like the Key West Dental Associates especially if you are in Key West, who can provide the best dental services for all your family members.

The Benefits of Having a Family Dentist in Key West:

  1. Helps to Overcome Phobias:

    Study finds that over 60% of people suffer from fear of dental treatment. This ranges from mild to severe fear. Having a family dentist helps a child or a senior member relax and be at ease due to the presence of the family as well as the cool demeanour of the dentist.

  2. Family's Dental History:

    A family dentist will be well aware of the dental history of a family. This includes prevailing dental conditions on the basis of which future dental problems can be detected for the kids based on genetics.

  3. Regular Services:

    Having a family dentist also ensures that all your dental checkups are regular and taken care of in time. Good oral health cannot be attained in a day so having a family dentist to take care of your teeth for the long term is very beneficial.

  4. Convenience:

    A family dentist usually sets up appointments to ensure that you do not waste time visiting them on different dates for different people. Advance appointments can be made to accommodate a member of a family. Scope for reappointments is high as well. To know why advance dental appointments are essential. Read our other blog Why are Early Dental Visits Important?

  5. Lasting Relationship:

    Over a period of time you build a familiarity with the family dentist and the clinic. A long term association with a dentist gives you many benefits such as special preferences and flexibility. Regular dental visits to the family dentist also instills the need for systematic dental care in the young ones too.

  6. Emergency Care:

    The importance of having a dentist you can call and connect at times of emergency. If you have very young kids or aging adults you will need emergency dental services from your family dentist in future. Dental emergencies cause a lot of distress and it is recommended that you have a dentist who can guide and advise you when you encounter any such emergency at home.

Visit Key West Dental Associates:

Family Dentist in Key West provides you with all the care mentioned above and more. Your family’s dental health is your priority. Key West Dental associates can partner your family for providing the best dental service.

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First visit to this dentist and I was very impressed. Was one of my better experiences with dentists in FL. My hygienist was... by Catherine F.
Dr. Ong is fantastic and you will have a great experience with this professional office. He explains in detail... by Katrina and Dan
Amazing, Dr. Ong is a gifted artist. Front tooth that chipped now looks better than new. by Robert T.
I visit Key West at least once a year, and during one trip needed emergency dental care when my dental bridge literally broke into two pieces. by Janis W.
Dr. Ong is one great dentist. My husband has crowns put in by Dr. Ong fifteen years ago which are still functioning as perfectly as the day Dr. Ong installed them. by Deanna L.
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